Random confessions of an audio engineer

We say we’ll tidy up those old cables, sometimes.

We try to get the best gear, the best connections, to be involved in an inspiring production, a studio where a multitude of sparkling lights and knobs will reflect our moods… We sometimes feel grateful, or trapped, or extremely energetic, or tired.

We feel in charge of the sound, overwhelmed by the sounds, stuck between the DAWs colored lines, staring at somewhere beyond the screen.

We have to recalculate budjects, find the right words to speak with the artist on the other side of the glass, screw on the shockmount, suggest production ideas, answer the phone.

We know our analogue channels not by numbers, but by nature, use our old fav plugi-in but install the latest. We have quite moments, and very noisy ones. We swallow clusters of notes of the most diverse styles, we learn from each and every job we finalize.

We rename tracks, we mixdown until not totally happy – and sometimes we’re not happy at all but there’s only so much you can do.

We are all so connected and willing to keep up a high profile, afraid of posting something not cool enough, not interesting enough. We hardly talk – cause we listen, right? – and sometimes we talk too much.

We know the chair (or the stool) behind the desk is our place (indoor, outdoor…), we know exacly how much input we have to give our legs so that the castors can get to the outboard.

We think about when we first started, and it seems yesterday. We know each day is a new start. We have our favorite production, and sometimes we listen to them and cant help but noticing problems here and there.

We like to be trusted, to keep up the good vibes with the band, to get the best out of the performers. We can have a day job, but we’ll always have the energy to stay up late.

We have our reference tracks, some pointless habits, some dust behind the racks, some unused gear, some broken mic stands somewhere.

We always bring with us a spare cable, spare connectors, spare batteries, spare things we’ll never get to need before the day we dont have them with us.

We love what we do and we wont change it for anything else. And we’ll tidy up the old cables in the cabinet, one day.



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