Stugo: The App connecting recording studios with artists – WorldWide

Looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to book the right recording studio for you? Well, then Stugo may be just right for you. The brand new app has just been launched and we had a chat with its creator, Yan Gorshtenin, to learn more about its potentials and value for artists and recording studios.

Yan grew up in LA and despite his young age, he has experience as music producer and successfully runs its own music marketing business. He designed and developed Stugo  from his own knowledge and experience throughout his tech years.Stugotheapp logo full

AMS: Hi Yan, could you tell us a bit more about Stugo? 

Y.G.: “Stugo is a tech startup that offers on-demand services from recording studios for all types of musicians, producers and creatives. Instead of having to look around for a recording studio that is already booked, you can simply download the app, look for studios, and then simply start getting your session locked in!

Our mission is to create first class on-demand services designed to democratize recording studios”.

AMS: What do you mean by “democratize” recording studios?

Y.G.: “What I mean is that we are going to make recording studios available for everyone no matter what type of music they make, if they want to fix things or if they produce. It means that stugo makes studios available for everyone, especially all around the world.

Infact, Stugo can offer and showcase hundreds of recording studios across the entire world!  

Also, we believe in exceptional customer service, outstanding quality and well-crafted studios, whether they are local or mobile”.

AMS: Brilliant. How much does it cost to join Stugo and dowload the App?

Y.G.: “The website is free to join for all users and artists at the moment and free to download as we are in beta on the App Store”.

To download the Stugo app, browse available studios or add your own, here’s the official page:  



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