Covid, TV, Vietnam and Young

The world is full of musicians (and artists in general) that are slowly returning to perform. It has been a hard time for music. No concerts, no gigs, no new productions. I hope everything will be back to normal, very soon. Actually I’d prefer it to be better than before.

Yesterday I was watching a 4 hours long documentary on the Vietnam war, one of the few productions they were able to put together through these social distancing times. The doc was very complete and informative. Special mention: the soundtrack.

The songs chosen all belonged to that era. They were basically all about the war. It’s incredible how many hits, at the time, talked about (more or less openly) the disaster that the Vietnam war was. Rock, country, disco: but the message was always there, crossing styles and genres.

One song is stuck inside my head since yesterday. It’s a powerful, yet simply delivered tune. I’m talking about Don’t Let It Bring You Down, by Neil Young (1971). The lyrics are somehow cryptic, but seen as a whole, do paint a perfect picture of the feelings that the Vietnam veteran may have felt once back in his country. If you read it in a certain way, it talks about post traumatic stress syndrome. Simple. Direct.

Well, I wish that this song can inspire the latest generation of musicians, the ones that have started strumming their guitars during the lockdown. I hope that they keep some of the feelings the felt during this strange times, inside their productions, without concentrating too much on visualizations.

I wish you, artists around the world, to jump on that stage really soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy this timeless tune. Cheers.


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