AES Convention: AES New York 2017’s Audio for Cinema Track

The AES New York 2017 Convention on Audio for Cinema Track will feature latest techniques, a wide range of experts, new cinema formats as well as foley artists techniques, dialog for film and television recording processes. The convention will also covers the production topic of loudness issues in cinema woth Dolby experts, the National Association of Theater Owners and the Cinema Audio Society.

Also, the Oscar Winner Tom Fleishman will share his expertise about the entire process of recording and mixing a movie, and the evolution of technology in this field. The convention will shed some light on how to build an affordable but yet professional mixing stage for freelancers with the workshop “Constructiong a 5.1 Home Studio”.

“Sound is just as important as image in creating a compelling movie, TV or streaming video experience, and the 143rd International Audio Engineering Society Convention’s Audio for Cinema Track events will take a wide look – and listen – into the latest techniques for capturing and producing sound for film, broadcast and video.“

Additional information about this event is available at

Source: AES News » Where Sound and Image Meet: AES New York 2017’s Audio for Cinema Track


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