Blue Raspberry, IAD technology (and Raspberry Studio)

These days, Blue Michrophones has lauched a new product that will allow poscasters and musicians to get a fully functional portable studio. Raspberry Studio combines Raspberry, Blue Mic’s USB Microphone, together with PreSonus recording and editing software, plus IzoTope mastering software – therefore a complete recording package.

Reading the article about this release, featured on, I quickly went to the bottom of the page to discover a pretty affordable price, then went back to the product specs. One thing sounded interesting, and it has to do with the stylish retro looking USB microphone, holding the patent pending  IAD (Internal Acoustic Diffuser). So, what is that about?

I needed some more detailed information, so went directly to the manufacturer site at BlueMic, to find that IAD minimizes the sound of the room (noise, reflections) and that lets the mic focus on the actual sound source that has to be recorded (voice, instrument). The Raspberry mic is acoustically treated internally, so that the unwanted noise and ambient reflections are not completely cancelled, but diffused.

There is a complete Raspberry review available on, that gives a good insight on all the aspects of the mic use. Giant steps have been made since the first USB mic models were put on the market, no doubt. And the fact that it is a piece of gear that doesnt cost a fortune is really inviting. So, if you are a busy podcaster who is aiming at quality results or a musician that gets his best inspiration when on the road, its probably worth trying it 🙂


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