Music: Salmonella Dub – new album for the NZ band

Its been over 22 years of activity for Salmonella Dub. Our memory goes back to the beautiful “Inside the Dub Plates” (2001), when we first heard of them. They are still around playing in venues throughtout Aotearoa (NZ in Maori language), promoting their new single.

“Same Old Town” and album. Celebrating 23 years of Salmonella Dub It is now over 22 years since we played our first shows around the South Island of Aotearoa at the Westport Race track tea rooms. Fitting that we now celebrate this milestone with the release of our new single ‘Same Home Town‘ from the bands 8th studio album due out next year. ‘… Same Home Town is dedicated to the Dux De Lux, in Christchurch – the first of many Otautahi venues to host the band in our infancy back in 1993. Our new album is coming along nicely.

Source: Salmonella Dub – Official Website

Salmonella Dub has been one of the most interesting NZ music acts, releasing albums and singes that have reached the top chart in their home town. They toured Europe extensively.  Below the link to “Push on Thru” , one of the singles from the 2001 Inside the Dub Plates.




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