Audio Engineering: The Larsen Effect – Audio Feedback explained

Want to know exactly what audio feedback is? Check this recent interesting article published on

“New to live sound and looking for tips to improve? Or simply looking to learn more about it? Well, whatever the case, if you are serious about being a live sound engineer, then you need to understand the possible problems you will face. Audio feedback is an issue that is prevalent in the world of live sound. Hence, the question that we will be asking today is – What is “Audio Feedback”?In this article, we will cover various core topics surrounding the subject of audio feedback. These fundamental topics are vital when it comes to understanding how audio feedback happens, what it is affected by, and how it affects the audience in a live concert. You will also learn how to prevent it from occurring, and how it can be desirable in some cases. Ready to learn? Then let’s begin!”

Source: What is “Audio Feedback”? – Everything Explained! – Audio Engineering


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