Short-form Audio and Podcasting: a New Big Social Trend with Omnipod

Available on the App Store and on Google Play, here’s the new Omnipod app: anyone can join in! There’s a new term swirling up the social sphere – “social audio”, the evolution of social media into sound. It’s about speaking instead of writing and listening instead of consuming visual content.

One of the big new players in this field is Clubhouse, which allows its users to join in on live topic-specific conversations. But to a lot of founders and investors the future of audio is found elsewhere: in social short-form recordings that make you stop and listen – and more importantly make you want to say something or share with your network.

There’s already several start-ups and investors betting a lot of cash and effort in user-generated audio content. Even some of the biggest players in social media like Facebook are acknowledging how fast platforms like TikTok and SnapChat have grown and want to join in on this success – but through audio. If any of the new platforms actually take off this is a medium that could potentially become a billion dollar industry and investors are already competing to get in the game.

Omnipod is not just podcasting – it’s social audio
Just like with blogs, most people find it too complex and time consuming to get in the game of podcasting. It requires equipment, dedication and a huge time commitment to call yourself a podcaster. When Twitter arrived they removed the complexity of being a blogger by giving everyone a forum to express their opinions and thoughts with just a few words and the click of a button. And just like that, endless creativity was unleashed. Similarly, Omnipod is doing the same for podcasting. With Omnipod you don’t need to think of yourself as a podcaster, you just need to record a few minutes and hit publish.

With social audio there’s no need to prepare and rehearse for hours, edit your audio clips, add music or anything else to make it sound professional. And unlike visual social media like TikTok, Instagram or YouTube you have the freedom to wear exactly what you want or rock the ‘straight-out-of-bed’-look. All you need to do is speak and be your unfiltered self.


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