AudioMusicSound’s pick: LowEnd EQ – Colors Show – Earplugs for all

Here’s 3 picks to inspire you during your days of sound and music production… Enjoy #Audio #Music #Sound 

#Audio – Tips and tricks for your mixes low end… 

eq section mixer
Pic courtesy of Luis Lopez @

Packed with loads of examples, the tutorial by Jono Buchanam on bass and kicks EQing (Low end Theory: EQing kicks and Bass) on gives you a detailed insight on how to achieve the sound and impact you need on your mixes. Not only that, but taking into account club venues PAs, he explains why its important to know the speakers features, in order to achieve sound separation and punch. Bass basics, separation, integration and effects: it is all covered. And because it was written a while ago, I share it just in case you’ve missed it 🙂

#Music – COLORS: the perfect match between talents, performance & promotion 

Sometimes I have the feeling that I always arrive late… While I’m writing this I’m pretty sure that many of you are aware of the exiting youtube channel / art project / music project called Colors ( Anyway, for those of you that still havent stumbled upon this incredible platform I suggest you do it now. Based in Berlin, Colors is a platform that offers live performances of incredible talents from around the globe. The artist is presented on a minimalistic – yet extemely stylish – stage, the DOP and video making is clever and accurate without interfering with the music. Actually, it really works and artists are able to present their music without distractions, delivering stunning performances. Not only that: all styles and genres are represented, giving this music platform even more edge. I find it addictive. Here’s the Parcels performance on the Colors Show.

#Sound – Are you taking care of your ears?

Fish Eye Concert - Marc Huber (
Pic courtesy of Marc Huber (

I’m working with at an article about NIHL, hearing loss prevention and hearing fatigue for people working with sounds: I’ve realized there’s still a lot of information lacking about treating our “primary gear” with care.

An article by Josh Rogosin published on the KUOW website suggests that the audience attending concerts in large venues should wear earplugs when in a listening position that happens to be very close to the stage or to the sound sources, wherever they are placed. The earplugs reviewd in the article are affordable and seem to do their job. And still I find that many sound professionals keep on working without any protection at all. Let’s do something about it: hearing loss is not fun at all!!




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