Kilohearts Carve EQ plugin: the evolution of the 31 bands equalizer

Talking about plugins, there’s a new product from Kilohearts that has really grabbed my attention. It’s a 31 bands graphic EQ, called Carve EQ, and here’s the link of their offical site and download page. As their websites states, Carve EQ is an evolution of the classic 32 bands equalizer, with brand new features and tools that not only make it unique, but also easy to use and get the desired results quickly.


Now, if you have ever wondered why these types of professional EQs have 31 bands, here’s the reason. In order to gain greater control over the frequency spectrum, the center frequency of each band (with its cut and boost control) is placed at 1/3 of octave away from the previous and the following one. This means that 3 sliders control the bandwidth of 1 octave. This means a precise control over the entire spectrum, where we can boost or cut with great accuracy.

Back to Kilohearts Carve EQ, here are some of its interesting features:  The Point Select Tool (for accurate control over the single bands), Sculpt Tool (adds a peak that can be dragged around and easily modifies), factory profiles, and the Match Tool that – as Kilohearts says,  steals the mastering of any audio and applies  to your song. There’s a video tutorial that explains how it works – really cool. Along with stereo editing capabilities, and A/B comparison tool, it has a resizable interface feature and easy installation and instruction.

Carve EQ by Kilohearts
Carve EQ by Kilohearts



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