Starting a career in sound engineering – Free online seminar @SoulSound

One of the hardest tasks for an audio engineer first starting out, is actually getting the experience, the tools and the knowledge that will allow him/her to eventually become a full time engineer. Finding a job in the audio/music industry can be difficult, and it is important to value your skills and attitude – and at the same time always be ready to learn and invest in further education. Also, the way you present yourself and build a relationship with clients is essential.

Being a live sound engineer could also mean having to come to terms with the seasonal nature of the job – so getting the skills to do some studio work will increase the possibilities to earn a living during the whole year – keeping and nurturing your passion – which also happens to be your job.

The above are some of the topics discussed in an interesting free web seminar by Jon Burton (Stepping Up Your Career as a Sound Engineer), on SoulSound ( Here is the link to the seminar.



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